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 I am a Swedish 747-400 captain who was flying out of Taiwan since December 1991. I'm comfortable in working with computers and I used to run a graphical BBS for all the pilots in Eva Air. However, with the rapid expansion and easy availability of the Internet, having a web site is a better way of reaching your colleagues and friends.

By the way, if you have spare capacity on your computer at home, please help out by donating processor cycles when you are not using your computer. Go to Seti@Home and download a research tool from Berkeley University.

New page: I have added a page showing off some of the aircraft I've flown. Aircraft.

New Page: Pictures from a dinner at Alain Vanderbanck's place in Songdo Incheon Korea Korea  2009-06-27
                   Pictures fron the Alteon New Year Dinner at the Songdo Beach Hotel 2008-12-31

Email:  leif.wahlberg@swedenet.org

Cellular: + 886-932-147 774 Asia and Europe,   
                    + 46-706-379 747   Europe
                    using an iPhone X with Skype on it.

  Facetime (Preferred)  + 886-932-147 774

Skype:      leiftw



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